Easy DIY Wall Art Using Punch Needle + Leather

A little tidbit of information about me. I used to sell leather journals on Amazon. Beautiful leather, only the best leather and the modern look. It was a fun venture, but my heart wasn’t in it like Punch Needle, so I had to let it go.

But you better believe I didn’t let some of the journals go!! I’ve been holding onto them for years, brainstorming ideas of how to combine them with punch needle.

This mixed media DIY Wall Art tutorial was the perfect way to get them out, dust them off, and get them on a canvas.

I am SO happy with how this one turned out!!


Easy DIY Wall art Punch needle with embroidery

My Thoughts on Mixed Media

This is my first mixed media piece and I must admit it was a bit daunting at first. The number of items I wanted to include + the blank canvas to utilize overwhelmed me. Where do I start? How is this going to come together?

I taped some of my process, thinking it would be easier. I felt seeing the design process would inspire you to create your own take on the piece. You can see (and please do, check out the video to see every which way I took this) in the video how lost I am.

I started with knots, I REALLY wanted to include knots. But I just couldn’t get them to fit on the canvas due to their size.

A random piece of rope, not knotted, evolved in the process and that’s kind of how it got started. I knew I wanted leather and this piece of rope.

Even after these 2 decisions, I was lost. Sometimes if I sketch, a plan will evolve. BUT it didn’t!! By this point, I was getting frustrated and uncomfortable inside myself.

Thankfully, the idea to just start came about and it worked out smoothly. I knew I wanted leather so I started there. Attaching it with a cream wool yarn that made the leather stand out!

Mixed media art leather pieces with wool yarn embroidery sewn

From there I added the rope, dazzling it with gold macrame tubes. I attached it with the wool yarn at the top and bottom where the rope meets the leather. Each point getting 3 stitches each. I used the wool yarn to separate and hold the gold tubes in place.

Rope with macrame gold tubes and cream wool yarn add a special touch to this mixed media DIY wall art

I was drawn to the wood wicks next, again attaching with wool yarn next to the leather. I LOVE the cream next to the leather, can you tell!?!!

Wood wicks with cream wool yarn added to easy diy mixed media wall art

Embroidery stitching came up next! I’ve been inspired by Pi Williams’ art lately and just had to try her play on embroidery stitching with blank space! And it turned out as amazing as I envisioned. So simple, yet eye catching!

Embroidery stitching mixed media

Then of course Punch Needle, can’t forget about the Punch needle!! I knew I wanted some top stitching and the wide stitch is always a fave.

Punch needle embroidery wide stitch and back stitch in mixed media piece

How to Make

Time to put it all together!! Piece it together and enjoy!!

The video is broken down into 2 sections. The first part breaks down the piece into step by step instructions. In the second part, I discuss design options and how you can make a piece your own. May you be inspired. May you feel joy. May you feel alive.

Thank you for watching! I’m honored to be in this space of creativity with you.

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