I like simple, quick ornament ideas, you know just in case you have the crazy idea to make 50 of them (like I do often when I LOVE something I’ve created).

This simple ornament uses a paper mâché star from Hobby Lobby, Liquid Stitch glue, a little paint and a simple, quick punch needle piece to add texture. Gluing the edges of your punched piece and using the same glue to adhere to the star makes it super simple. Even the kids can join in on the fun!


– 7″ Morgan No Slip Hoop

– Bleached Primitive Linen

– Permanent Marker

– #10R Oxford Punch Needle

– Yarn (yarn weight 4 or 5 recommended)

Liquid Stitch glue

Liquitex Acrylic Basics Paint (Prussian Blue)

Gold Paint Pen

– Scissors 


  • Prep fabric in frame. 
  • Trace star on a piece of paper. Pro tip: the punch piece will be big. To account for it being too big for the star, trace the star with pencil pointing in as much as possible. Set aside the star. Using a permanent marker, trace the pencil line but when tracing, draw your line on the inside of your pencil line.
  • Transfer star outline to fabric. Tape the traced paper to the front of the hoop. Hold up to a window and transfer to fabric using permanent marker. Pro tip: Draw your fabric line on the inside of your traced paper outline. By tracing inside the line in step 2 and in this step, your punched piece should be just the right fit to glue to your star.
  • Punch the portion of the star you want to be loops.
  • Remove fabric from hoop.
  • Apply Liquid stitch glue around the punched loops portion of your star. Allow to dry.
  • Paint star – paint tips below. Allow to dry.
  • Using Liquid Stitch, glue the punched piece to the star. Allow to dry.
  • Using a gold paint pen, write your favorite holiday phrase.
  • Hang on tree!!

Paint tips: Inspired by @ettavee ’s butterfly paint class, I used the Prussian Blue Hue Liquitex Acrylic Basics. To make the deep blue pop, I used a hot pink yarn and the gold paint pen simple word ‘joy’. 

May you have a hopeful and joyful day.
xx, Shawna