I fell in love with Punch Needle the minute I completed my first project. As a perfectionist, I tend to hate most things I make the minute I have finished it. ‘Oh I should’ve used blue instead of pink. Errr.’ Or ‘That part is just too dark, why did I do all black photo frames?’

But this time, this time was different. You see, this piece, it was flawed. It was by no means perfect. It was bushy in areas, some shapes were off, some lines were crooked. It was flawed in every which way. And I still LOVED IT!

And if that wasn’t enough, it was the easiest craft I’d done in years. Once the frame was set up, I could work on it on and off, here or there, and I enjoyed the time. No stress, no frustrations, no losing my energy half way through and using wine to power through to the end. I was smitten. I was in love.

But let’s face it, how many pieces of punch needle wall art does one’s home really need?! So I packed it away and didn’t return for another 6 months.

Luckily, I decided to turn this into a business and I was forced to stick with Punch Needle for month after month. Forcing this ‘shiny new object syndrome’ personality of mine to get frustrated and bored. And I’m so very grateful that I did!


You see I still couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stick to one thing even within the art of Punch Needle. It no longer interests me to do those same wall art designs. I have returned to wall art, but with new stitches, and new uses of fabric. I have moved on to trivets and ottomans, pillows and baskets. And dreams of larger and larger wall art to truly make a statement.

The result is a collection of projects allowing you to create to your heart’s desire. I love the idea of providing you a solid foundation in punch needle that allows you to make it your own. Create a list of projects that inspires you to take it to new levels and new projects. Without further ado, here is a list of 7 Punch needle projects that will hopefully excite you and inspire you.

1. Framed Punch Needle Wall Art

This piece uses 3 different stitches and introduces scrap fabric strips. Combining yarn and scrap fabric adds a depth of texture to please the eye. How do you use fabric? Simply tear cotton or linen fabrics into strips. Or use a scissors or rotary cutter to cut fabric strips. You can use the fabric strips in a Punch Needle tool or you can use a tapestry needle.

As for the stitches, I used the long stitch (copper and white fabric), the punch needle top stitch (peach and cream yarns) and my favorite stitch, the wide stitch (grey yarn).

For tips on framing your Punch Needle art, check out this tutorial! Head over to YouTube (and be sure to subscribe!) for the full supply list and FREE TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD.

2. Seagrass Basket

The seagrass basket is my favorite medium yet! No stretching of fabric, no frames, no frame setup. You simply start punching. The seagrass weave holds the yarn well allowing you to create on the spot.

Simply trace a design on the basket using a pencil and punch away.

Punch needle basket project

For the full tutorial including a FREE TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD and supply list, head over to my YouTube channel.

3. Small Hoops and Large Hoops

Now wall art that adds a level of discovery to it, that’s fun and new! How do I get this small hoop inside the large hoop? How do I make it stay? Ooooh and that poofy stitch, how do I do that??? Look at that gold hoop, how did they do that??

Simply put this punch needle wall art is interesting eye stopper. Changing up scrap fabric with yarn, long stitches with loops, combining weaving and macrame and experimenting with a poofy stitch. To say these were fun is an understatement. I had a blast!!

Punch needle double hoop projects

Double Hoop Bonanza Full Video Tutorial is found in a 3 part series.

4. Trivet or Rug

Punch needle started in the late 1800’s as a way for women to create rugs more quickly. You see at this time, they had to make their rugs. They made them using potato sacks as a foundation fabric and old clothes, old sheets, anything they could cut into strips for the rug pile. And they used rug hooking as their method of construction.

Some innovative individuals invented a tool to allow for continuous strips saving them a lot of time! Welcome the PUNCH NEEDLE! There are still rug hooking punch needlers out there, punching away on rugs. They combine yarn colors to create shading and it can be spectacular. The same technique is used to make a trivet (or hot pad). Punch your piece, remove from frame and whip stitch the edges. Whip stitching can take patience and practice, yet I love it. It’s a peaceful end to any project.

Punch needle rug or trivet


5. Large Wall Art

This guy is the life of my living room. Its vibrant colors light up the room and bring the every important message to our daily lives. I was hesitant to start my first large wall art piece. Will the fabric be tight enough? Will it sag as I work? How do I get a frame at such a large size?

The answer? Make your own frame, yes the fabric will be tight enough and it will not sag. Much simpler than I had imagined!

Punch needle projects large wall art large punch needle frame

To make you very own custom sized wood frame, check out this How to Make a Wood Frame video.

6. Embroidery Punch Needle Pillow

While I love my original punch needle pillow made with yarn and completely full of texture, I was drawn to the embroidery punch needle pillow for it’s pop of texture. A smooth regular pillow with a pop of texture and a simple message of fun. Love it!

And because it is embroidery punch needle, it works up much quicker. Small area and lots of texture make for a quick and easy project.

Embroidery Punch Needle pillow

Make your own embroidery punch needle pillow:

7. Ottoman

This idea stemmed from a ruined paper ottoman from Ikea. I wanted this ottoman badly and I didn’t listen to the screams inside my head saying “It’s paper, your kids will ruin it!” No, no. Ikea wouldn’t make an ottoman out of paper if it wasn’t super sturdy thick paper that could stand the test of time. Well time it may have tested, but my kids don’t listen to time and they don’t listen to testing. It was torn in a matter of days.

One woman’s sorrow is another woman’s opportunity. ‘I can PUNCH a cover!!’ I immediately proclaimed! While this project isn’t the easiest, it was satisfying non the less. And the punched cushy cover is just that, so soft and cushy. Each time I rest my feet, I feel a sense of satisfaction as well as comfort.

Punch needle projects ottoman

Customize your very own ottoman today!


We have come to an end on projects, but there is so much more to learn!! I hope you have been inspired to make something of your own!

Creating something with your hands is one way of celebrating you. Its a form of self care that gives back 10 times fold. When you create, you feel vulnerable. And when you complete the project, you feel pride and joy. Very few things in life give one this feeling of instant joy.

Which one is your favorite? Which one do you want to try? If you try one, I’d love to see your completed project! Tag me @northshorecrafts on IG, DM me there, or email me at info (at) northshorecrafts (dot) com.

May you feel inspired.

May you feel joyful.

May you feel creative.

xx, Shawna

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