Punch Needle Iron On Patches

One day I came across a photo on IG of a woman wearing a jean jacket vest with a punch needle patch. I immediately loved it!  For one, she has great style! I admired the lettering, the colors, the message. And two, it was a beautiful message. You see this patch was a Pride patch.…

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How to Make a Gripper Strip Frame for Punch Needle

I’ve been wanting to make a Gripper Strip Frame for quite some time now. After I finally found the time to make one, I left myself wondering why I didn’t do it earlier. Overall, it was quite simple to make.  Although, my first super important, big helpful tip of the day is: Get someone to…

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Punch Needle Yarn – Let’s talk about yarn!

To be honest, I felt intimidated when trying to write a blog post on yarn. There are a lot of knitters out there that know a lot about yarn. And not just know a lot about yarn, they have an insane amount of knowledge around it. I recently became friends with one such yarn expert.…

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Foundation Fabrics – The Good, The Bad, The Pretty

When I first started, backing fabrics was where I got stuck. Needle, not so hard, one site, click, done. Yarn, definitely not hard. Although it turns out I needed to be smarter about yarn weights. Luckily, most yarns out there are 4 or 5 weight, which works great. The hardest thing about yarn was deciding…

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All About Frames – An Overview of Punch Needle Frames

You’ve been stalking punch needle on IG for months, you finally decide to splurge and buy a punch needle, you learn that fabrics aren’t all the same and finally find the correct type of fabric. You think you can finally start. But wait, what are all these people putting this fabric into?! Now what? Punch…

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Punch Needle Tools

You are hooked! You’re ready to start! But wait, why is it so hard to find a tool? Why can’t I buy all of this in one place? Punch needle is up and coming so the information out there isn’t always clear cut. I will lead you through chaos. Let’s start with Punch Needle Tools.…

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Artist Canvas Turned Into Punch Needle Frame

I’m excited to share this piece with you. My first piece is special to me. It showcased a release of an accumulation of years of perfectionism, indecision and stressed design. Releasing the very things that were holding me back has been exhilarating and inspirational. So why was I able to do this? For one thing, I’m…

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DIY Punch Needle Pillow

Do you love punch needle? Have you finished your first project and now want to move on to something bigger? Something you can cuddle up next to? Something to change the look of your living room?

The punch needle pillow is the perfect next step in your punch needle crafting journey.

Turn you newest love of punch needle into something that makes your home shine.

Click here for step by step instructions for DIY punch needle pillow.

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